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Where Wishes Have a Place to Call Home

The Wishing Place is the only one of its kind. It provides an environment that is free of limitations, confinement, and stress. It stimulates the imagination and reveals to seriously-ill children the imaginative possibilities of a wish.

Children often come to Make-A-Wish® at a frightening time in their lives. It’s a time when playing, learning, and laughing is all too often replaced with uncertainty, hospital visits and medical treatments. Based especially on the fact that so often a child’s imagination is limited and stifled by their illness or environment, we sought to create our own space.

As our chapter discussed the possibility of building a Wishing Place, we convened a group of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, child-life specialists, and social workers; they reaffirmed their belief that Make-A-Wish often picks up where science and medicine leave off and wholeheartedly supported the special project.

We developed a focus group of wish kids, looking for insights into ways we could enhance their wish experience. A vision emerged for a new home for Make-A-Wish New Jersey. That vision asked that it resemble a structure that symbolizes enduring strength but is also magical…In short, our wish kids wanted a place they could call their very own—they asked for a castle!

With a team of architects, interior designers, engineers, and general contractors, our board, dear friends, and donors stepped forward to meet the challenge from our wish kids...Taking the Vision and Making it a Reality.

I believe in Make-A-Wish. I believe in these children... ”

— Joe Plumeri, lead donor and honorary chairman of the Make-A-Wish New Jersey Capital Campaign

Samuel & Josephine Plumeri Wishing Place

Samuel & Josephine Plumeri Wishing Place

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