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Have you been thinking about hosting a fundraiser or special event so that you can help grant wishes throughout New Jersey?  Choose Make-A-Wish New Jersey as the beneficiary of your event and you can help create a life-changing wish for a child with a critical illness!

For more information and to get started on your fundraiser, please contact our main office at 609-371-9474!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fundraising for Make-A-Wish New Jersey:

Q. Who can run an event to benefit Make-A-Wish New Jersey?

A. Anyone!  Any individual or group (employees of a corporation, school/university organization, religious group, etc.) can host an event as long as it is approved by our office.

Q. How do I get approval to host an event?

A. Once you have decided on what type of event you’d like to host and when you’d like to host it, the first step towards getting approval from Make-A-Wish is to complete, sign and return the Special Event Licensing Agreement, which we will supply.  We ask that you allow one week for the office to approve your event.

Q. What kinds of events do people hold?
A. Individuals and groups hold all sorts of events from golf outings to bowl-a-thons, holiday parties, sports tournaments, motorcycle runs and more!

Q. Is there a minimum donation required to host a fundraiser?

A. There is no minimum donation required to host a fundraiser, but the amount of logistical support you can expect to receive from Make-A-Wish, as well as the use of our trademarks and logo in your publicity and advertising materials, will depend on the proceeds you anticipate on making to the Foundation.

Q. I want to publicize this event through media outlets in my community.  Is that okay?

A. All publicity materials (posters, invitations, email announcements, press releases, etc.) need to be approved by Make-A-Wish New Jersey prior to print and distribution.  This is so we can make sure that the terminology used to describe the mission of the Foundation and those we serve is correct.

Q. Can I solicit organizations, companies, stores, etc. outside New Jersey for donations, auction items or sponsorships for my event?

A. We ask that you refrain from soliciting organizations/companies/stores whose corporate offices are headquartered outside of the state of New Jersey.  This is due to the fact that there are 67 chapters of Make-A-Wish throughout the United States and we do not want to impede on the territories of other chapters, thus distracting them from their fundraising abilities.

Q. Can Make-A-Wish help me get a celebrity to attend my event?

A. As wonderful as it would be to have a celebrity attend all of the events that take place to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey, we reserve the contacting of celebrities for Wish Granting purposes in the hopes that they will donate their valuable time to make our children’s wishes come true.

Q. Where do our event proceeds go?

A. The proceeds from your event go directly towards our mission of creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses here in New Jersey.  If your event raises more than $3,000, we will "adopt" a specific child’s fondest wish!
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