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Alana showcases her talent in the recording studio

  • Alana works on her song alongside Mikkel Eriksen

  • Alana records her song at Stargate

  • Alana records the vocals for her musical debut

  • Alana with her family

  • Alana with the team at iHeart Radio and Mikkel Eriksen

  • Alana and her family with iHeart Radio and Mikkel Eriksen

“ For Alana, music is an escape from a terrifying critical illness. ”

For a young girl with music in her soul, sometimes that music can be the only escape from a terrifying critical illness. For 15-year-old Alana, creating music has always been a safe place for her to travel to during her most trying times. Alana was diagnosed with a life-threatening nervous system disorder, leaving her visually impaired and slightly color blind. Recording her own music has always been one of Alana’s largest dreams since she was little. Her personal ambition of becoming a professional recording artist has been a part of her for as long as she can remember.

When thinking about what her wish could be, Alana’s parents encouraged her to think outside of the box and make it unique. With her love of music in mind, Alana asked to produce her own song in a music studio. On a visit to the Samuel & Josephine Plumeri Wishing Place, Alana was surprised by the Make-A-Wish team with the news that she would be flown to California to work in a professional, state-of-the-art recording studio with Grammy winning producers Mikkel Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen of Stargate. Alana was even able to play on the piano of Chris Martin from Coldplay.

After being chauffeured around Los Angeles and spending time together at Universal Studios, Alana’s family witnessed her recording experience in real time. After a visit to iHeart Radio Headquarters, they were able to hear Alana’s own song, “Dashiki Woman,” premiere on the radio worldwide! For Alana’s mom, seeing the look on her face and her excitement when she heard her own song on the radio was priceless.

Alana’s mother, Bernice, shared her joy and appreciation upon their return home:
“This wish has not only transformed Alana’s life for the better but ours as well. We now know, more than ever, that dreams can come true. Her wish has given us the hope to keep on going no matter how hard it may get at times. As parents we need to be strong for our children and be the strength that they need even when we feel like crumbling. Make-A-Wish has definitely left a beautiful and lasting impression on our lives forever and we are so thankful to be a part of Alana’s wish and a part of the Make-A-Wish Family.”

Listen to her song below. "Dashiki Woman" is also available for purchase on iTunes!

Her wish has given us the hope to keep on going no matter how hard it may get at times. ”

— Alana's mother, Bernice

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