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Sam Digs Up His Geologist Skills

Sam wished to be a geologist

“ My wish was unbelievable and allowed me to relax and forget my symptoms. ”

- Sam

For Sam, this was more than a wish come true; it was a glimpse into a promising future.

Sam's wishes to be a Geologist!Sam wished to be a geologist, working alongside real professionals on a real dig. The team at Make-A-Wish® New Jersey made his wish come true by sending him to Maine for a three-day excursion filled with fun and hard work.

For Sam, it was incredible. Despite the tiring days, he loved just spending time with his parents outside of the hospital. Not to mention he was able to meet, ask questions to, and interact with professionals in the field he sought to work in.

“We haven't had a family vacation in so long and this Make-A-Wish trip to Maine was perfect!” shared Sam.

Sam and his parents were escorted to three private mining sights and there, after many laborious hours, Sam and his team of fellow geologists found some very rare crystals. Sam learned a great deal and was able to return home with some interesting artifacts from the dig. 

Before leaving, the lead miner told Sam that the area where they found the crystals will be named “Sam's pocket.”

Just as Sam will never forget his adventurous wish come true, neither will the geologists who helped grant his wish! 

Sam inspires me everyday with his incredible spirit. This wish did exactly what it was supposed to do: it made Sam feel like a king! ”

— Lisa, Sam's mom

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