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Kai's wish to go to Hawaii!

Kai swimming with dolphins!

“ Kai’s trip to Hawaii was extraordinary and healing. ”

- Kai's Mom

Kai's wish came true when he went on a magical vacation to Hawaii with his family, snorkeling with fish and having fun in the sand!

The heartfelt letter we received about Kai's dramatic transformation from before and after his trip truly demonstrates the impact wishes have. Here is an excerpt:

“We wanted to express our deepest gratitude for making Kai’s wish — to swim in the ocean with fish — come true!  Kai’s snorkeling trip to Hawaii was extraordinary and healing.  It was the first time in four years that we were together as a family and that cancer was not at the forefront of our thoughts.  It was wonderful for once not to have to think of bone marrows, anesthesia, and intrathecal chemotherapy and to just live and enjoy a normal day. For Kai, the trip was magical.  It was the first time that he swam in the ocean.  He was able to see colorful fish that he had only seen in books.  He was able to dive down and touch a turtle that swam with him while snorkeling. He touched and kissed a dolphin.  Kai left for Hawaii, feeling sick and weak from chemotherapy, but came back strong, radiant, deeply happy, and with renewed energy.  Words cannot fully describe the gift you all gave him.  Thank you.”

- Kai's mom

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