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Chaz finds himself at the center of a New York Football Giants huddle

Chaz wished to meet the NY Giants

“ It was the greatest weekend of my life and I will never forget it. ”

- Chaz

Chaz loves the New York Giants. He even hopes to someday be the team's general manager, so no one was surprised when Chaz declared his wish!

The granting of Chaz's wish began two days before the New York Giants' Sunday game. That Friday, Chaz had the opportunity to watch the Giants practice. He met the players and even had lunch with them! Aaron Ross, Chaz's favorite player, gave Chaz a jersey from his locker so Chaz could have a memento to always remember this experience. However, there was little worry of him forgetting even a moment; the weekend was filled with so many unforgettable memories that Chaz would be savoring every detail for years to come.

As the team wrapped up its last practice before the big game, Coach Coughlin called in the players to circle-up around Chaz, who gave them a final inspirational speech. Surrounded by so many people he looked up to in the center of their huddle, Chaz felt on top of the world.

Chaz's wish experience continued with VIP access during the Sunday game against the New York Jets. He sat right beside the field to cheer the Giants on and followed them into the locker room afterwards to get a football signed by the team and coaches.

Although the Giants lost, nobody would have guessed from Chaz's ear-splitting grin - in fact, the real winners had to be the boy whose wish came true and the team who made it happen.

During the game my seats were on the field... it felt like I was in it! ”

— Chaz

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