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Connor' hits the field with the New York Football Giants

  • Connor's wish to meet the NY Football Giants

  • Connor's wish to meet the NY Football Giants

  • Connor's wish to meet the NY Football Giants

  • Connor's wish to meet the NY Football Giants

  • Connor's wish to meet the NY Football Giants

“ It is something he will always remember. ”

- Connor's dad

With close to 80,000 New York Giants fans cheering him on and fueling a charge of gameday electricity already in the air, wish kid Connor excitedly rushed through the team’s stadium archway and jogged onto the Giants’ game day field at MetLife Stadium.

After receiving high-fives from the entire team, as they gathered along the fifty yard line, Connor joined the lineup with excitement. A warm, wide smile began to spread across Connor’s face as a roar of applause swept through the crowd when Connor stepped into the Giants’ end zone and was introduced to everyone in attendance. As he stood in amazement, Connor saw his own image looking back at himself on every JumboTron in the stadium.

At any point during the game, if you looked over to Connor and his family, you could still find him with that same smile that never seemed to want to fade as he and his family happily cheered on their favorite team.

Connor’s father Brian shared their sentiments about the unforgettable experience:

“Most striking about Connor’s weekend with the New York Giants wasn’t the limousine ride, or walking the immense indoor practice field, or even browsing the impressive haul of photos and trophies scattered throughout the complex, reminding us of the team’s rich history. It wasn’t game day—the food, the view, being on the field, the sights and sounds before kickoff that gave him his closest view of the game ever. It was none of those, as impressive as they were. The most striking aspect of Connor’s wish to meet the New York Giants was the people—the overwhelming personal embrace given by the New York Giants and Make-A-Wish.

These weren’t anonymous encounters, where Connor observed the Giants through a glass wall as they went about their business. It was personal. On those sidelines, and in the stands during the game, one Giant after another, old and new, owner and player, stopped to see how Connor was doing. He was, to put it mildly, overwhelmed. We have a picture of him with his hands on his head, eyes narrowed in disbelief, soaking it all in.

For Connor, this event in his life will unfold over time. Parts of it he won’t appreciate until years later—too much to process in one weekend. It is something he will always remember, and our hope is he also always remembers the people who made it possible.”

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